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Veterans Education Benefits

Yellow Ribbon School Proud Participant logo. Yellow Ribbon School: Seton Hall University is thankful to our men and women in uniform for their service.  We are proud to be a part of the Post 9/11 Yellow Ribbon Program.  If you were on active duty on or after September 10, 2001, you and your family qualify for the Yellow Ribbon GI Program. In this program, the Department of Veterans Affairs matches dollar for dollar to cover tuition and fees for eligible students. Slots for Yellow Ribbon are unlimited for graduate and undergraduate students, the only requirement is that the student be 100% eligible for Post 911.

The Office of Financial Aid certifies eligible veterans and their dependents for educational benefit payments. The veteran and/or their dependents must first complete an application for benefits on the Veterans Administration (VA) portal. The VA will send the student a Certificate of Eligibility which should be submitted to the Office Financial of Aid. 

To find out more about available benefits to military personnel, contact the University Certifying Veteran Officer and former U.S. Marine, Garland Foster,

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Types of Veteran Educational Benefits:

  • Chapter 30: Montgomery G.I. Bill
  • Chapter 30: Old G.I. Bill
  • Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 32: Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)
  • Chapter 33: Post 911 G.I. BILL
  • Chapter 35: Dependent Educational Assistance
  • Chapter 1606: Selective Reserve Education Assistance Program
  • Chapter 1607: Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)
  • Tuition Assistance Program

Financial Aid: Many veteran students believe they are not eligible for financial aid if they are claiming their GI Bill benefits. The fact is, a large percentage of all veterans are eligible for some form of financial aid. The average veteran may still be eligible for federal and state grant funds. Low interest loans are also available. Contact the financial aid office for more information.

Online Degrees - We offer online programs with the flexibility and convenience needed by today’s military and veteran students. Your education can follow you as you continue your career in or outside the military.  If you decide to earn your degree with Seton Hall Online, you can expect a fully accredited degree program taught by many of the same credentialed Seton Hall faculty who teach on campus, a staff of higher education professionals ready to support your needs, a collaborative learning environment where you can interact with faculty and classmates, and an opportunity to join a proud Seton Hall community.  All of our online programs are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The on-the go nature of military life makes online learning a logical choice -- you can complete your coursework any time of the day or night. Whether you have made the military your career or you are transitioning to civilian life, online learning can accelerate your path to career success.  Seton Hall Online is recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense's education network of Defense Activity for meeting military requirements for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

On Campus Programs: For our on campus students, the University provides a rich environment for learning and career exploration.  All of our degree programs are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our dedicated faculty and staff can answer questions about your program of interest and help you use your benefits toward your education.  Request more information about any of our graduate programs.

Click here for additional information: University Core Curriculum (Lists Individual Schools and Corresponding Departments)

Personalized Attention - We have a team of academic advising and admissions staff who work directly with students. Our team of professionals understands your needs and is ready to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals, whether you are on campus or on base.

How to Apply: All veteran students who wish to receive educational benefits under the GI Bill program must complete a Veterans' Administration Benefits Application Form. To apply, please access the following web site: and link onto Education Benefits Programs and Education Forms located in the left column of the VA homepage. Apply for benefits as early as possible to avoid a delay in receiving your checks.
Applicants can apply online to the VA Benefits Office.

Military History at SHU:  Seton Hall University has a long and illustrious military history and is an ROTC school.  Since 1893, we have been training our students in the military sciences.  Our alums have distinguished themselves in the military and civilian sectors.  For over 100 year, our Pirate Battalion Alumni have given their service.  Many Seton Hall alums are currently serving in the armed forces.   Seton Hall alumni are active and proud in the military and the private sector.  There are 90,000 Seton Hall graduates across the globe. Put this powerful network to work for you.

Veterans Association: The University has a Veterans Association that is recognized by the Student Government Association.

Getting started with Veteran Benefits at SHU

  1. Provide your Certificate of Eligibility to the Financial Aid Office
  2. Financial Aid Office will certify your benefit based on the % of eligibility.
    • VA Benefits are paid based upon your attendance. Dropping a course or unsatisfactory attendance in class (you stop going) could result in a debt to the VA for unpaid tuition, fees, and or BAH.
    • Any balance not paid by the VA is the responsibility of the student.
    • Only degree pursuing courses will be certified to the VA. If it is not required, the VA will not cover the course.

Getting Started with Tuition Assistance Benefits at SHU

  1. Contact your (ESO), Educational Services Officer prior to enrolling in the institution.
  2. Complete TA Request Authorization form on your branches’ website.
  3. Once Approved, bring the Authorization to the Bursar department.
  4. The Bursar department will complete the invoice so that the funds can be released to the university.

* Any balance not paid by the DOD is the responsibility of the student *

Certificate of Eligibility:  All applicants will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (in approximately ten weeks) from the Veterans’ Administration, which will give you valuable information such as your remaining entitlement.  The University will then send an award letter which will state the cost of attendance, graduation rate, loan default rate, and median borrowing rate.

Work Study Jobs: Work study position may be available on a case by case basis.

Career Services: The Center for Career services offers highly personalized, one on one attention with career counselors, access to online database of employment opportunities, and the opportunity to fine tune your resume and your interview skills.  Four our online students, all of this can be achieved via e-mail or on the phone.  Whether you live in New Jersey or are stationed in a foreign country, if you have a phone and/or an internet connection, you can avail yourself of their services.

Important Data to Know

Tuition & Fees
National Default Rate 10.8%
Seton Hall Cohort Default Rate 3.8%
Median Undergraduate Debt Amount $25,000, $256/month
National Graduation Rate 60.4%
Seton Hall Graduation Rate 65%
National Loan Repayment Rate 46%
Seton Hall Loan Repayment Rate 70%

Contact:  Bayley Hall, e-mail:

VA Regional Office
P.O. Box 4616, Buffalo, NY 14240-4616.
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs:
Phone: 1-888-442-4551

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Transfer Applicants:
The Transfer Student Center provides information about academic advising, registration assistance and severala dditional details concerning the transfer process.

For additional information, please click here:

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Leave of Absence Graduate Policy

Registrar Site – Active Military Withdrawals

Withdrawing from the University

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