Seton Hall University

Deferments of Tuition & Fees and Disbursement of Aid

After Add/Drop has ended each semester, students' awards are updated, as needed, based on the number of hours a student is enrolled for the semester. After this has occurred, disbursement of financial aid begins and continues daily throughout the semester.

Check the Bulletin Boards on PirateNet for specific dates and information regarding disbursement for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Deferments allow for the time lag that normally occurs between the dates that tuition and fees are due, and the date on which financial aid disbursements are made. For those who live in on-campus housing, deferments may also be granted if there is enough financial aid to fully cover the amount of tuition and fees, housing and meal costs for the semester.

The anticipated financial aid is listed on a student's fee invoice, is the sum of a student's financial aid awards for the semester. It does not include the actual NJ TAG Award only estimated, on the fee invoice and has already been subtracted from the "Amount Due."

If the amount of the anticipated financial aid is a greater amount than the "Amount Due" listed on the fee invoice, then students does not have to pay by the fee payment deadline. Rather, when their financial aid disburses, it will pay off the amount due. If for any reason the student is not eligible to receive their awards due to not being enrolled in sufficient hours or other eligibility reasons, then their tuition and fees, and/or housing and meal charges will become their responsibility to pay.

Please note that the amount of the anticipated financial aid is an estimate until after Add/Drop has ended, at which time award amounts are finalized based on the number of hours a student is enrolled. Until the end of Add/Drop, the amount is estimated based on a student being enrolled full time.

If a student who has already registered for classes decides not to attend Seton Hall, then that student must officially drop his/her classes by the end of the Add/Drop period; otherwise, the student will be obligated to pay the debts and charges owed to the University.

Effective Date

January 1, 2009