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Seton Hall University

Current Students

Staying Connected with DSS Every Semester

Student in wheelchair on campus. Students who are currently registered with Disability Support Services (DSS) and wish to continue receiving services are required to meet with a DSS administrator at the start of each new term. We strongly encourage students to make appointments before classes begin.  Appointments can be made by calling (973) 313-6003 or requested by e-mail at [email protected].  During this meeting, the student's accommodation history will be reviewed and current course load discussed. Concluding the session the DSS administrator will create accommodation letters for students to present to their professors. We encourage students to meet with faculty during office hours to discuss accommodations in detail.

Current students: Please save and use this link to access our accommodations management system, AIM. This is where students will be able to request their accommodation letters and testing accommodations.

Students will need their PirateNet credentials to login. 

Students that require specific academic and environmental accommodations, (e.g. adaptive software, accessible classrooms, CART services, interpreters) are strongly encouraged to contact DSS at least three weeks before the start of the new term. Students that require alternate format materials (e.g. large-print, e-text) are encouraged to meet with a DSS administrator as soon as classes are selected.

Please refer to other pages of the DSS website for more information on: