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Seton Hall University

Information for Parents and Guardians

Student in a wheelchair at graduation ceremony. Disability Support Services (DSS) recognizes that parents and caregivers of students with disabilities are accustomed to playing an active role in their child's education, such as working closely with his/her child study team to facilitate accommodations in the classroom. At the college level, however, the service model changes significantly. DSS hopes that the information contained on this website will allow you and the student you care about to successfully navigate disability services within the college environment.

As in other post-secondary educational settings, Seton Hall students are viewed as adults, and therefore must self-identify as having a disability in order to initiate the process of applying for accommodations. As a parent or caregiver, it is your role to encourage the student to take ownership over his or her academic experience, register with DSS and apply for accommodations.

Many disabilities are life-long and will affect an individual throughout his or her lifetime. It is for this reason that the student must learn to self-advocate and initiate the disclosure process while in college so that they are prepared to articulate their condition and needs to future employers. College is the time for students to be responsible for their learning - and for learning which accommodations are truly helpful - as they will need this information as they transition into the workforce.

Please refer to other pages of the DSS website for more information on: