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Student Life

Our diverse student body creates a laboratory of multilateral diplomacy in and out of the classroom.

Seton Hall's active campus provides entertainment, recreation, social, cultural, and learning activities for the University's close knit community of student residents and commuters. The University Center houses student lounges and the Pirate's Cove Cafe; Richie Recreation and Athletic Center for its Olympic-size pool, fitness center, and a variety of intramural sports, club sports, aerobics classes and open recreation.

Connecting with Students from Around the World

Hailing from nearly 20 countries, Seton Hall's diverse student body creates a laboratory of multilateral diplomacy both inside and out of the classroom. Within the University community, the School of Diplomacy's 500 students, divided between its graduate and undergraduate programs, maintain a family-like atmosphere based upon the relationships that are formed between students, faculty and administrators.

Get Involved

Among the University's more than 100 student clubs and organizations, Diplomacy students can often be found in positions of leadership. They regularly serve on Seton Hall's Undergraduate Student Government Association and in the campus chapters of Amnesty International and the American Red Cross. They have even started their own organizations within the Seton Hall community including an International Law Society as well as campus chapters of the ONE campaign. Undergraduate students also become leaders in the residence halls as Resident Assistants.

In addition to on campus opportunities, students take full advantage of Seton Hall's location, a mere 14 miles southwest of New York City on 58 acres at the foot of South Mountain. New Jersey Transit's local rail lines provide easy access to New York City, the Jersey shore, malls, museums, concert halls, sports stadiums, and hiking throughout the metropolitan area. The Amtrak train line is also an invaluable asset for students, as the School of Diplomacy offers ongoing interaction with the international affairs community in New York and Washington, where students are afforded unique educational and professional opportunities.

Diplomacy Sponsored Opportunities

Clubs and organizations are not only great resources to students in building a sense of community and camaraderie; they are opportunities for enhancing intellectual pursuits and developing professional skills as well. For these reasons, the School of Diplomacy sponsors unique international relations related activities for the School's diverse student body.

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Diplomacy United Leadership and Communication Exchange (DULCE)
The Diplomacy United Leadership and Communication Exchange (DULCE) serves as the ideal forum for students to interact with one another and the Dean, faculty and staff of the School of Diplomacy. Comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, many representing the numerous student organizations on campus, DULCE meets monthly to discuss a wide range of topics relevant to the Diplomacy community. The group provides an outlet for all constituencies of the School to work collaboratively and share feedback on school policies, events, student leadership, professional development and more. DULCE is open to all Diplomacy students and participation is encouraged.

For more information, or to get involved, contact Mark McGuire at or visit the DULCE blog.

Women of Diplomacy Leadership Program
The Women of Diplomacy Leadership Program (WDLP) strives to empower female leaders within the School of Diplomacy through cultivating their professional identities and fostering relationships with established women in the field. By hosting monthly events and utilizing social media as a tool for knowledge-sharing, WDLP provides resources and community-based support to help our young women thrive in their chosen field. Additionally, WDLP hosts a mentorship program, which further allows members to learn first-hand from established female professionals and to build meaningful connections that will have positive, lasting implications on their journey to success.

2017-2018 WDLP Executive Board:

  • President - Claire Yocom
  • Advisor - Elizabeth Halpin, Associate Dean of External Affairs

For more information or to get involved, contact Claire Yocom at or visit their Facebook page:

European Horizons
Our mission is, through organizing events, connecting people, and putting forward new ideas, to weave a more integrated social fabric in Europe and to strengthen the confidence of our Union. We hold weekly meetings that address European-related topics of discussion, SHU university-wide events, attend conferences funded by the larger organization (travel, etc), and provide publishing opportunities (RETA) as well as e-board positions in the SHU chapter and the larger think tank organization of EuH that manages across 30+ chapters.

2017-2018 European Horizons Executive Board:

  • President - Felipe Bueno
  • Vice President - Evan Brady
  • Secretary/Head of Research - Leah Cerilli
  • Head of PR - Isla Lamont
  • Treasurer - Santiago Losada 
  • Advisor - Dr. Borislava Manojlovic, Director of Research Projects

For more information or to get involved, contact Felipe Bueno at or visit their Facebook page:

SHU Latin American Diplomacy
SHU Latin American Diplomacy is a student initiative that celebrates and fosters Latin America's diverse identities and cultures. Covering domestic and international affairs, the group hosts and promotes events that discuss human rights, politics, economics, and cultural matters in the region. Its ultimate goal is to enhance awareness about Latin America to the students of the School of Diplomacy and to the broader Seton Hall community. All are welcome to join the group and participate in its events.

  • Advisor - Dr. Benjamin Goldfrank, Associate Professor and Department Chair 

For more information or to get involved, contact Emanuel Hernandez at or Naomi Shuyama at or visit their Facebook page:

Sigma Iota Rho - Beta Kappa Chapter
Sigma Iota Rho promotes and rewards scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies, international affairs, and global studies. The mission of this organization is to foster integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs.

First established in 1983, Sigma Iota Rho has become one of the largest honor societies within the U.S., with approximately 74 chapters. Members of Sigma Iota Rho are encouraged to preserve loyalty within their studies, and to maintain lasting friendships with the members of their chapter.

The admissions process is open to all diplomacy students in their second year. To get involved or for more information, contact Associate Professor Dr. Zheng Wang at

2017-2018 SIR Executive Board

  • Interim President - Dennis Meaney
  • Vice-President - Tyler Hubbs
  • Treasurer - Lynn Wassenaar
  • Secretary - Katarzyna Kasia Wac

Diplomacy Writing Team (DWT)
The Diplomacy Writing Team (DWT) is a student-led initiative to help Diplomacy undergraduate and graduate students improve their academic writing skills. Team members share strategies and resources for producing high-quality written work, transitioning to U.S. academic writing for international students, and transforming weaknesses into assets. The DWT provides a mutual empowerment network of colleagues that are committed to peer correction and focused on improving academic writing skills continuously.

  • Coordinator - Patricia Zanini Graca 
  • Advisor - Andrea Bartoli, Dean of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations

For more information or to get involved, contact Patricia Zanini Graca at

For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association (UDSA)
The Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association (UDSA) is the main membership organization of undergraduate students and is open to Seton Hall students with either a major or minor in Diplomacy and International Relations. UDSA runs events and activities throughout the academic year.

Projects include ethnic restaurant outings, participation in the "Light Up The Night" cancer benefit walk, fund raising and awareness promotion for UNICEF, hosting of a ceremony for graduating members of Seton Hall's ROTC, and collecting and donating toys to underprivileged children in foreign countries through "Operation Christmas Child."

UDSA collaborates with various on-campus organizations, donating funds to the Red Cross Club for their AIDS week efforts and co-sponsoring both an Earth Day Celebration with the Ecology Club and the International Ball with the Graduate Diplomacy Council.

2017-2018 Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association Executive Board:

  • President - Chloé Whitewater
  • Executive Vice President - Sophie Thon
  • Vice President of External Affairs - Hanna Wargula
  • Vice President of Finance - Afra Goncuoglu
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs - Noradino Connors
  • Vice President of External Affairs - Parker Lacourse
  • Vice President of Correspondence - Tiana Lohmiller

For more information or to get involved, contact Chloé Whitewater at

Model United Nations Organizations
Model UN is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies, such as the Security Council, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union, Organization of American States, the African Union, and other regional entities. In Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the organization's vast agenda. Student delegates prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN's rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing international cooperation to resolve problems that affect almost every country on earth.

Seton Hall United Nations Association (SHUNA)
The University sponsors a competitive collegiate Model UN team. The award-winning Seton Hall United Nations Association is an organization of students interested in international affairs issues such as human rights, sustainable development, international trade and finance, peace and security, and many others. The team takes part in several national and international Model UN conferences throughout the year. In working to promote dialogue at the global level, they engage in simulations with other students from across the country and throughout the world to develop problem-solving skills and in preparation of being the future leaders of the world.

2017-2018 Seton Hall United Nations Association (SHUNA) Executive Board:

To get involved, or for more information, visit:

Seton Hall University Model United Nations (SHUMUN)
The Seton Hall University Model United Nations student organization hosts the annual Seton Hall Model United Nations Conference. This conference is held on campus annually for visiting high school teams and is organized and run exclusively by the student group. The student group recruits and coordinates more than 200 students to participate in the conference.

SHUMUN XVIII, 2017-2018 Secretariat 

  • Secretary-General, Jenna Leis
  • Director General, Trevor West
  • Under-Secretary General for Crisis Committees, Noelle Sorich
  • Under-Secretary General for Committees, Kyla Stewart
  • Under-Secretary General for Logistics and Technology, Parker LaCourse
  • Under-Secretary General for Conference Services, Kristal Corona
  • Under-Secretary General for External Relations, Michelle Perez
  • Under-Secretary General for Internal Relations, Christopher McNeil
  • Advisor - Dr. Courtney Smith, Senior Associate Dean

To get involved, or for more information, contact

United Nations Association at Seton Hall University (UNA-SHU)

The University is proud to host the very first "UNA-USA Campus Chapter" in the state of New Jersey. This club is part of a larger network of young engagement and advocacy initiatives spearheaded by UNA-USA and its GenUN program, which has the purpose of engaging collegiate youth with the work that the United Nations does with and for civil society. This organization organizes events such as panels with speakers in the field of International Relations, trips to various UN events, and fundraisers for UN projects. Previous guests this organization has hosted include Monika Johnson, head of GenUN, and Jackson Dougan, the United States Youth Observer to the UN.

2016-2017 Seton Hall UNA-USA Executive Board:

  • President - General of Communications - Noelle Sorich
  • Treasure/Under-Secretary - General of Finance - Daniel Garay
  • Public Relations Officer/Under Secretary-General of Public Relations - Danielle Lindo
  • Event Planning Office/Under Secretary-General of Event Planning - Renata Koch-Alvarenga
  • Advisor - Father Brian Muzas, Assistant Professor

For more information on Campus Chapters, please visit the official GenUN website:

For more information on UNA-SHU's events, please visit the organization's Facebook page: or follow them on Twitter @UNASHU or Instagram @UNAatSHU.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact the club's President, Noelle Sorich: or

The Diplomatic Envoy
The Diplomatic Envoy is an entirely student-run, monthly publication which seeks to be a creative outlet for students to write, read, and engage each other with thought-provoking analytical journalism. Focusing on international affairs, questions of human rights, political economy, and a range of other international relations topics, the Envoy staff seeks to explore these topics for the benefit of the Seton Hall community.

2017-2018 Diplomatic Envoy Editorial Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief - Felipe Bueno 
  • Managing Editor - Leah Cerilli 
  • Associate Editor - Andrea Berman
  • International News Editor - Renata Koch Alvarenga
  • Opinion Editor - Gabrielle Hunt 
  • Web Editor - Mariah McCloskey
  • Layout Editor - Alexander Wong
  • Advisor - Dr. Courtney B. Smith, Senior Associate Dean 

To get involved, or for more information, contact

The Global Current
Get in on a Global Current! Seton Hall's international news radio show launched in the spring of 2007 and is always looking for passionate undergraduate and graduate diplomacy students to get involved. The show airs Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m .on 89.5fm WSOU, Seton Hall's awarding-winning radio station. Listeners can tune in through an iTunes podcast or follow Global Current on Facebook to catch up on the show's latest features and guests.

2017-2018 Global Current Executive Board:

  • Executive Producer - Liam Scollins
  • Associate Producer - Morgan Mount
  • Technical Producer - Trevor West
  • News Editor - Jack LaForge
  • Analysis Editor - Marissa Hutton
  • Social Media - Maiti Rooth
  • Advisors - Gwen DeBenedetto, Director of Marketing and Communications; Dr. Omer Gokcekus, Professor

To learn more about the Global Current or to get involved, contact Liam Scollins at

For Graduate Students

Graduate Diplomacy Council
The Graduate Diplomacy Council (GDC) is the main membership organization of graduate students. The GDC develops and coordinates events, seminars and educational programs, and provides avenues for students to socialize and collaborate on projects. Students are encouraged to be involved and to initiate new programs.

Activities of the GDC include professional development events, an international dinner series, coffeehouse discussion series, the School of Diplomacy Colloquium, language groups, charity fund raisers, a peer advisor program, and numerous social events.

2017-2018 Graduate Diplomacy Council Executive Board:

  • President - Michelle Perez
  • Vice President - Ruthly Cadestin
  • Events Coordinator - Caroline Pinsky 
  • International Student Coordinator - Patricia Zanini, Emanuel Hernandez
  • Advisor - Dr. Martin Edwards, Associate Professor

For more information or to get involved, contact Michelle Perez at or join their Facebook page:

International Law Society
The International Law Society (ILS) is a chapter of the Graduate Diplomacy Council. The ILS is a forum for learning about international law and informing students of events and careers in the field. The ILS holds meetings and informal group discussions. Members attend events including the American Branch of the International Law Association Conference in New York and the American Society of International Law Conference in Washington, DC.

2016-2017 International Law Society Executive Board:

  • President - Allison McManus
  • Vice President - Michelle Diamantis
  • Secretary - Savithri Koka
  • Treasurer - Imran Ahmed
  • Advisor - Dr. Zinaida Miller, Assistant Professor

To get involved, or for more information, contact International Law Society President, Allison McManus at

The Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations
The Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations, published bi-annually, provides a unique forum for international leaders in government, the private sector, academia, and nongovernmental organizations to analyze and comment on international affairs. The Journal of Diplomacy offers timely, thought-provoking and original scholarship.

Staffed entirely by graduate students, the editorial board of the Journal is responsible for collecting submissions, editing articles, producing the publication and promoting it in the academic and policy communities.

Called the "little journal with big ideas" by the Washington Times, the Journal is widely recognized and distributed. It is indexed by Columbia International Affairs Online, Public Affairs Information Service, International Political Science Abstracts, America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts, and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.

2017-2018 Journal of Diplomacy Executive Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief - Dennis Meaney 
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief - Michael Curtin
  • Executive Director - Ruthly Cadestin
  • Advisor - Dr. Ann Marie Murphy, Associate Professor

To get involved, or for more information, visit, or contact the Journal of Diplomacy staff at

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