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School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Diplomacy students speaking into a microphone during a panel discussion.

Curriculum: Online M.S., International Affairs

Our 30-credit Online Executive M.S. in International Affairs supports professionals in furthering their knowledge in key subject areas of international affairs: international security and conflict resolution, international law and foreign policy analysis. To complete the program, students choose elective courses to build up to two specializations in critical global issues and processes. Six specializations are available.

A comprehensive list of course descriptions can be viewed in the Graduate Catalogue.

Diplomacy Core Sequence (12 credits)
DIPL 6005 Public International Law
DIPL 6104 Art and Science of International Negotiation
DIPL 6105 International Political Economy OR DIPL 6155 Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations 
DIPL 6001 Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism OR DIPL 6180 Comparative Foreign Policy

Specializations and Electives (18 credits)
Online Executive M.S. students will complete either three courses in each of two specializations, or three courses in one specialization and any three courses at the 6000 or 7000 level.

Specializations include:
Africa (AF) 
Global Health and Human Security (GH) 
Global Negotiation and Conflict Management (GN) 
International Economics and Development (IE) 
International Law and Human Rights (IL) 
Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability (PC)

Menu of Online Specialization Courses
DIPL 6004 Peacemaking and Peacekeeping    (GH, GN, IL, PC) 
DIPL 6105 International Political Economy (IE) 
DIPL 6113 International Financial Institutions    (IE) 
DIPL 6155 Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations (IE) 
DIPL 6250 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Plural Societies (GN, PC) 
DIPL 6251 Justice, Truth, & Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Societies (GN, IL, PC) 
DIPL 6252 Institutions of Post-Conflict Governance (AF, PC) 
DIPL 6253 Civil Conflict and Development (AF, IE, PC) 
DIPL 6254 Fieldwork in Post Conflict Studies    (PC) 
DIPL 6276 Global Health Governance (GH, IL) 
DIPL 6277 Global Health, Bioterrorism, & International Security (GH, GN) 
DIPL 6622 China's Foreign Relations 
DIPL 6704 Economic Development in Africa    (AF, IE)