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Seton Hall University
Three graduates in caps and gowns.

Congratulations 2020 Graduates

Graduation is one of life's most important and memorable milestones. The Seton Hall community prepares to congratulate our 2020 graduates for a job well done, and extends warm wishes to the families and friends who join us to celebrate this momentous occasion.

During the month of May, the entire Seton Hall community will come together to celebrate our exceptional 2020 graduates. 

We want to give you, the Class of 2020, the kind of meaningful acknowledgement you deserve — one to remember with pride.

One important piece of our planned weeklong festivities includes a takeover of the University homepage, starting on Monday, May 18. That whole week, our digital presence will be devoted to Celebrating the Class of 2020.
What will you find on the homepage takeover?  

  • Videos from graduates.
  • Messages from parents. 
  • Words of wisdom from alumni. 

But we need your help to make it work. We invite each graduate to submit a short video to us via to

  What should you include in your video?

  • Share your best Seton Hall memories.
  • Tell us how you and your family will be celebrating.
  • Wear your cap and gown.
  • Show us your artistically inspired cap.
  • Send us whatever inspires you most. 

  Instructions for Capturing Your Video

  • To capture the video, you may use a mobile phone (preferred) or computer.
  • If using a phone, capture video horizontally, not vertically. 
  • Be sure the light source (windows, lights, etc.) are in the front of you, not behind, when recording.
  • Be in a quiet location and be mindful of your background.
  • Look at the camera, and not the screen, to see yourself - and bring some energy!
  • Keep your segment to under 20 seconds and send the video file to

PS - If you have multiple submit segments you would like to submit, please send in separate emails, each having a run time of less than 20 seconds.
You may find this fun video to be helpful as well:

Please know that while we are proud of all Seton Hall students, those of you about to graduate hold an extra special place in our hearts right now.

Regardless of where we celebrate, and how we do it, we are filled with Pirate Pride for what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

We want to mark the intended day of graduation, while we look forward to also getting together, in person, to celebrate when it's safe to do so.

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