Seton Hall University

2023 McQuaid Medal Recipients

Each year Seton Hall recognizes outstanding community members who embody the ideals of servant leadership.

With pride, we call attention to individuals selected in 2023 for the Bishop Bernard J. McQuaid Medal for Distinguished Service, the President's Award for Student Service and our 2023 Servant Leader Scholars who will be recognized at this year's Charter Day Convocation at 3 p.m. on April 4, 2023.

Bishop Bernard J. McQuaid Medal for Distinguished Service

This honor is awarded to long-serving employees for their commitment to the University's mission and for providing outstanding service to the University by doing exceptional work in their own position and the larger University community.

2023 Honorees 

Image of Autumn Bucior
Autumn Bucior

Image of Carmella Angela, Professor, Law School Instruction
Angela Carmella
Professor, Law School Instruction

President's Award for Student Service

For this award, Seton Hall students nominate University employees who demonstrate their dedication to ensuring student success. The 2023 honorees are:

Image of OIP Assistant Director Douglas Cantelmo
Douglas Cantelmo
Interim Director of International Programs
& Program Director, Rome Connection

winston roberts
Winston Roberts
Assistant Vice President
Student Services

Faculty Associate Tara Wager, Mathematics and Computer Science
Tara Wager
Faculty Associate
Mathematics & Computer Science

Servant Leader Scholars

Servant Leader Scholars epitomize the University's mission and are examples of leadership for the good of others. The 2023 scholars are:


  • Genna Arduini, Biology
  • Anna Ausanio, Nursing
  • Arianna Cox-McClary, Interprofessional Health Sciences - Athletic Training
  • Michael DeMarco, Political Science
  • Dahlia Diaz, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Antonio DiBerardino, Biology
  • Gabriella Fernandez, Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Amanda Grace, Secondary Special Education – English
  • Alyssa Housley, Psychology
  • Jacob Hummel, Finance
  • Isabella Rivera, Political Science


  • Juyhun Baik, Biology
  • Janasia Carter, Political Science
  • John Cavanagh, Business
  • Nina Lolli, Nursing
  • Robert Magliozzi, Secondary Education – English
  • Callie McCool, Biology
  • Joseline Molina, Business
  • Frank Rocco, Business
  • David Smith, Communications
  • Susanna Testa, Biology
  • Marissa Todd, Elementary and Special Education
  • Patrick Wac, Business


  • Jocelyn Duallo, Mathematical Finance
  • Kelsi Loewen, Biology
  • Josephine McCartney, Biochemistry
  • Cara Mia Norelli, Nursing
  • Peter Noto, Political Science
  • Megan Perumpail, Biology
  • Mary Tiffin, Diplomacy and International Business, Economics
  •  Maxwell Wheeler, Biology


  • Melissa Bowker, Biology
  • Clare Donnelly, Secondary Special Education – English
  • Kylie Heneghan, Nursing
  • Anna Hosri, Biology
  • Jacob Mahon, Finance
  • Catharine Matticola, Marketing
  • Jenna Mustafa, Biology
  • Joshua Novello, Biology
  • Lidia Prusak, Biology
  • Andrew Rogers, Accounting
  • Allison Sumereau, Elementary and Special Education


  • Bethany Davidheiser, Physician Assistant
  • Kathleen Mahon, Speech and Language Pathology
  • Marisa Pla, Informational Technologies
  • Kaitlyn Vega, Nursing
  • Meghan Vizzard, Speech and Language Pathology

Seton Hall's founder, Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, called for our community of faith to be "a home for the mind, the heart and the spirit." As we continue to address these challenging and uncertain times, our greatest strength is our caring community; these honorees embody what makes Seton Hall special.