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Seton Hall Hosts IFCU Catholic Studies Meeting

A photo of President's Hall.On October 24, Seton Hall hosted a meeting of the Catholic Studies Focus Group of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU).

Having joined the prestigious IFCU in 2021, Seton Hall has been an active member institution of the organization, with Interim President Katia Passerini, Ph.D., serving as representative of North America on the Board of the IFCU.

Under the direction of Ines Murzaku, Ph.D., Professor of Religion, Director of the Catholic Studies Program, and Founding Chair of the Department of Catholic Studies, Seton Hall leads the IFCU’s Catholic Studies Focus Group. This group has its headquarters at Seton Hall. Murzaku has represented this group at national and international meetings, inviting other Catholic institutions of higher education to join in the IFCU’s efforts to pursue interdisciplinary and inter-institutional programs to bolster the quality and mission of Catholic higher education worldwide.

At the meeting on October 24, the Catholic Studies Focus Group discussed the recent National Catholic Studies Consortium Symposium at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, co-sponsored by Seton Hall. Focus group member Leonardo Franchi, Ph.D. presented his recent book Thomas Shields and the Renewal of Education.

Members planned upcoming events, including the IFCU’s participation in the annual meeting of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. The upcoming celebration of the IFCU’s 100th anniversary will be significant for the focus group and the entire IFCU, and this milestone will likely be marked by an international conference. They also discussed ways to further build bridges of collaboration between their institutions as they seek to implement best practices in interdisciplinary education rooted in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

At the next focus group meeting, upon request of the members, Seton Hall’s Catholic Studies faculty teaching Spirituality of Work and Spirituality of Sports will be invited to give a presentation on Seton Hall’s incorporation of the study and practice of business into Catholic Studies.

"It’s exciting to see the Catholic Studies Focus Group continue to flourish," said Murzaku. "With each meeting, we share new ideas to enhance the delivery of education across the disciplines, and we strengthen bonds between universities worldwide. Seton Hall has become an established leader in this area through serving students as well as through serving the international higher education community."

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