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About our Department

About Us

The Department of Catholic Studies was established at Seton Hall University in 2012 during the Year of Faith and the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II. In December 2013 the Holy Father Pope Francis imparted the Apostolic Blessing to Seton Hall University to commemorate the founding of the Department of Catholic Studies program, making Seton Hall the first and only university in the United States to claim such a rare honor.

Our department's three-fold mission is to reintegrate Catholic values throughout all academic programs at Seton Hall, to globally promote Catholic thought and culture and to prepare students to become servant leaders who make a positive difference in the world. We forward our mission through the following programs and initiatives:

Undergraduate Program

Catholic Studies' curriculum is custom-built according to each student's academic and professional goals and offers students the opportunity to major, double major, minor, double minor or earn a certificates in Catholic Studies or Pastoral Music Ministry.

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International Study Programs

Catholic Studies students cultivate their global knowledge, increase their cultural awareness and deepen their faith by participating in our study abroad courses and exchange program with the University of Münster in Germany and Italy.

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Lecture Series & Seminars

The Department of Catholic Studies promotes the beauty and veracity of Catholic thought and culture through presentations and lecture series that cover theology, history, literature, the natural and social sciences, art, law, public policy and much more.

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Research & Publications

The Department of Catholic Studies faculty are dedicated professors who are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research across a wide range of topics and have won a variety of prestigious awards including Fulbright and Humboldt Research scholarships and grants.

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Student Life

There are more than 100 student clubs and organizations at Seton Hall. Catholic Studies is proud to sponsor and/or partner with many of these groups to help provide additional opportunities for students to connect with others and build lifelong friendships outside the classroom.

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Delta Epsilon Sigma, Alpha Mu Chapter

This national scholastic honor society recognizes academic accomplishments, fosters scholarly activities and encourages a sense of intellectual community among its members. Our chapter was one of the first chapters (1941) established after the society's founding in 1939.

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