Seton Hall University

Temporary Accounts

SHUCARD Classification

The Campus ID Office is responsible for the creation of Temporary Accounts associated with:

  • Recreation Center Paid Memberships.
  • Temporary staff, administrators and consultants who are not compensated by the Payroll Department.
  • Vendors, Contractors and Volunteers
  • Visiting Scholars / Faculty and Conference Groups.

Note: An Alum who returns to the University as any of the above categories may never have their old ID number activated. They must be assigned a Temporary Account. If an Alum returns as an employee of the University, then their ID number shall be reactivated by Human Resources.

Requesting A Temporary Account

To request a Temporary Account, please log on to your account in Pirate Net. On the Resources  tab, you will see the link for the account request. Click on the link "Submit a request for temporary account(s)" and fill in the requested information.

Please see sample below.

Temporary Accounts Sample