Seton Hall University

Student ID Card

SHUCARD Classification Status

Active: A student's card will remain active for as long as they remain enrolled at the University. If the student is enrolled in summer session/s, the card will remain Active while attending the session/s or if they are not taking summer classes, but are registered for the next fall semester.

Deactivated: The status of the card is controlled by two methods:

  • Banner Information System: Once a student has graduated, no longer has an active affiliation with the University, or does not meet the Active standard, the Banner Information System will automatically change the status of the card from Active to Banner Deactivated.
  • Manual Deactivation: An authorized administrator can, for just cause, direct the Campus ID Office to manually Activate or Deactivate a card.


  • All Active students are automatically assigned electronic card access to all Pedestrian Gates and Health Services.
  • Full Time Resident (12 or more credits), Commuter (12 or more credits), and Graduate (9 or more credits) students, in addition to the above, are automatically assigned Recreation Center access.
  • Part Time Resident (less than 12 credits), Commuter(less than 12 credits), and Graduate (less than 9 credits) students are required to obtain a Recreation Center membership.
  • Residence Hall Access is determined by the student's status and is under the supervision of Housing and Residence Life.

SHUCARD Classification

Summer Access: Students who are:

  • Enrolled in the summer session/s will continue to have 24/7 Pedestrian Gate, Recreation Center and Health Services access during the session/s.
  • Enrolled in any summer session but have registered for the next fall semester will continue to have Pedestrian Gate and Recreation Center Access. All other student's cards will be deactivated at the end of the Spring Semester.

Special Request Access: Students who do not meet any of the above criteria but require access to the campus for employment, volunteer work, or internships must be approved by the authorized Departmental Administrator. The Campus ID Office will only activate and assign access to these students upon written request from the Administrator.