Seton Hall University

Faculty and Employee ID Card

Classification and Status

All Active faculty and employees are issued a card at the start of their employment; the card remains active until they no longer have an active position with the University.

Deactivated: The status of the card is controlled by two methods:

  • Banner Information System: When the cardholder no longer has an active position with the University the Banner Information System will automatically change the status of the Card from Active to Deactivated.
  • Manual Deactivation: Based on information and cause, from an authorized administrator, a Card may be Activated or Deactivated by the Campus ID Office.


  • All Active Faculty and Employees are automatically assigned Pedestrian Gate access and Recreation Center access.
  • Special Request Access: All other access and privileges must be approved and requested by the authorized Departmental Administrator responsible for the specific location. The Campus ID Office will only activate and assign access upon receipt of a written request from the authorized Administrator.