Seton Hall University
Students walking underneath the Walsh Library Rotunda.

University Libraries

The University Libraries have initiated a true Assessment program with articulated student learning outcomes (SLOs) and a rubric, centered initially on our Instruction Program and the ENG 1201 and ENG 1202 sequence. We built out learning objects, tutorials and follow-ups (English 1201 Pre-Instruction Research ExerciseEnglish 1201 Post-Instruction Quiz; English 1202 Post-Instruction Questionnaire), and measured starting points and outcomes of Instruction based on a selection among the SLOs. Core findings were that minimum proficiencies moved only +11% (to 78% correct) post-instruction on “information source types” and +18% (to 85% correct on “keyword concepts” in 1201. After grading a random selection of final assignments. “Focused Q or thesis” and “Keywords” were the strongest outcomes in 1202, with resource selection and citation the weaker outcomes. Instruction efforts has subsequently been focused on those areas and finding a junior-senior level equivalent course in the curriculum for Assessment.