College of Human Development, Culture, and Media
Arts Council

Contact Information

Arts Council Leadership

Christopher Aurilio, Executive Director
(908) 510-3339
[email protected]

Affiliates and Contact Information

Classical Concert Series
Dena Levine, D.M.A.
Corrigan Hall Music Center
(973) 275-2450
[email protected]

Jazz 'n the Hall
Gloria Thurmond, D.Min.
Corrigan Hall, Rm. 73B3
(973) 275-2746
[email protected]

Seton Hall Theatre
Peter Reader M.F.A.
Fahy Hall, Rm. 48
(973) 761-9474
[email protected]

Seton Hall Choral Programs
Jason Tramm, D.M.A.
Corrigan Hall, Rm. 15
(908) 337-8840
[email protected]

Walsh Gallery
Jeanne Brasile, M.A.
Walsh Library. Rm. BY164
(973) 275-2033
[email protected]