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Seton Hall University


Seton Hall strives to be an institutional embodiment of human critical intelligence, a community of sound judgment, personal decency and intellectual integrity. Here, as elsewhere, knowledge is sought and shared, the intellectual virtues are cultivated and the worth of ideas is probed anew.  As a Catholic university, Seton Hall University is committed to the highest standards of integrity in all areas of operation and resolves that such activities undertaken by faculty, staff, and students will be conducted in accordance with strict ethical principles and in compliance with federal, state, and Institute regulations and policies.

Department of Internal Auditing
The Internal Audit Department of Seton Hall University exists to assist University management and the Audit Committee of the Board of Regents in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. The Internal Audit Department serves as an independent unit responsible for examining and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of the University's accounting, financial, IT and operating systems policies, procedures and internal controls.

EthicsPoint is a Web-based external reporting service which provides employees with another venue (in addition to the Office of Compliance and Risk Management) for anonymous and confidential reporting of issues and concerns associated with possible unethical and/or illegal activities.

Institutional Review Board
Seton Hall University's Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (IRB) has been established in accordance with federal regulations. This IRB reviews all proposed research involving human subjects in order to ensure that subjects' rights and welfare are adequately protected.

Office of Compliance and Risk Management
Institutions of higher education in the United States  have to fulfill the requirements of various federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies.  The University's Office of Compliance and Risk Management provides technical assistance and fulfills a coordinating role in safeguarding the University's interests, relative to these requirements, obligations and exposures.

Office of General Counsel
The Office of General Counsel is responsible for safeguarding the University's legal interests and managing all of its legal affairs.  The office provides legal advice to the University's  governing boards, President, Executive Cabinet and deans, as well as faculty and  administration on a multitude of legal issues.  As Seton Hall's in-house legal counsel, General Counsel retains and oversees outside legal counsel and functions as a liaison between outside counsel and members of the University.