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College of Arts and Sciences

OWL Information

Welcome to the On-line Writing Lab at Seton Hall University!  We are happy to help!

The On-line Writing Lab, or OWL, is designed to assist students, faculty, and staff with their writing. It is not designed as a proofreading service or grammar tutorial. While this work takes place in the natural course of reading and responding to a student’s paper, it is not the primary function of the Writing Center.

OWL tutees should also note that a paper returned from the OWL will contain suggestions, questions, comments, and advice. OWL tutors are trained to engage in intellectual inquiry and discussion, not to “correct” papers, per se. Tutees should also note that papers returned from the OWL, as any papers, are subject to the grading system of the professor who assigned it. We do not and cannot promise "A" grades.

Please direct questions or comments to [email protected] or to Dr. Arundhati Sanyal, Director of the Writing Center, at [email protected].