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The purpose of the Seton Hall University Writing Center is to provide support for all students, staff, and faculty who require assistance with writing. Though the Writing Center commits a great deal of its resources to the First-Year Writing Program, it is a service that is open to anyone who is affiliated with the University – alumni, current students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

The goal of the Writing Center is to help expert, intermediate, and novice writers become more independent and confident with their writing projects. The Writing Center is not discipline-specific; we welcome writers from any field, major, or department. Since the goal of the Writing Center is to provide writing assistance and support for all students at all levels across the University, its mission is consistent with Seton Hall's philosophy of a student-oriented Catholic university. The community-centered approach of the University is reflected by the Writing Center's willingness to assist and provide resources to achieve a higher level of student education. The desire to make writing an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum means that all students, regardless of their major or professional goals, can use the Writing Center to improve their writing and communication skills.