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Seton Hall University

Second Faculty Retreat, Self-Transcendence and Values

Second Faculty Retreat, Self-Transcendence and Values: Examining the Source of Judgments of Goodness

Theresa, Bartolotta, Ph.D., CCC-CLPDirected by Dr. Theresa Bartolotta
November 16, 2017

We are asked to make judgments of value on a daily basis. How do we make these judgments, and what influences do we face when we consider the goodness of something? Decisions about ethics and morality are often influenced by emotion. This session will explore the cognitive and affective aspects of values and the struggle to search for authenticity. Using cognitional structure as a foundation for understanding ethics, we will discuss how deepening awareness of the source of moral judgments can impact daily actions and lead us to a more authentic life.

Theresa Bartolotta, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at Monmouth University.

For more information, contact Linda Garofalo or Francia Peterson at (973) 313-6042. Please RSVP to by November 10, 2017.

Sponsored by: The Office of Mission and Ministry, and the Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership.

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