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Welcome to the Transfer Student Center


The Transfer Student Center is dedicated to helping transfer students acclimate to Seton Hall University. Students are provided academic advisement and registration assistance, as well as information on the multitude of resources available to them, and the policies/ procedures of the University.

Class Standing information

Class standing depends on the number of credits that you have completed, not attempted.

  • Freshman – 0 to 29 credits
  • Sophomore – 30 – 59 credits
  • Junior – 60 – 89 credits
  • Senior – 90+ credits

As a transfer student, your class standing is based off your accepted credits on your credit evaluation.

Contact Information

There are three dedicated advisers who work closely with all incoming and current transfer students in the Transfer Student Center. Please go to the Adviser Information page for more detailed information on each adviser. You can also reach the Transfer Student Center directly by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us page, by calling (973) 275-2387, or by emailing us.

Incoming Transfer Student Checklist

The following information is for students who have applied to, and have been accepted by, Seton Hall University. If you have not applied yet, please visit the Transfer Applicants webpage to find out more about the application process. The Transfer Student Center works with students once they are accepted to Seton Hall.

The following checklist, found on the "checklist" webpage, will give you information on what you need to do before you meet with an adviser as well as what you need to do before you start classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a detailed list of general university information, transfer student information, and other information, please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page located in the side menu.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.