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Department of Information Technology

Public Computer Lab Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines that govern the use of the Public Computer Labs. PC Support Services reserves the right to alter this document to better meet the needs and goals of the Seton Hall Community.

Lab Access

  • Only those who work for the university or are currently enrolled in classes at the university have the right to utilize the labs. Failure to show a SHU ID card upon request will result in your dismissal from the labs until such times as you are able to provide one.
  • SHU alumni and University sponsored visitors may have guest accounts created to allow for temporary use of the computers in the labs. For more information about this service, please click here.

Lab Etiquette

  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the labs. If a customer is found violating this policy, he/she will be asked to put the food away or go elsewhere to eat.
  • Multiple copies are not permitted in the labs. Not only is it unfair to other customers who are waiting, but it causes unneeded wear and tear on the printers. Copies should be made using a copier machine. An STA has the right to cancel any print job that involves multiple copies. A customer may be charged the cost of a ream of paper for printing excessive copies. PCSS reserves the right to determine what is viewed as excessive.
  • PCSS reserves the right to dismiss any customer from the labs for any behavior that is deemed inappropriate in the lab environment. Any customer found to be stealing from the labs will lose lab privileges and will be prosecuted to the full extent possible.
  • Please be respectful of others who are also using the lab. Customers that are playing music through the computer's internal speakers will be asked to use headphones or to turn the sound off. Customers that are speaking excessively loud will be asked to speak quietly or to take their conversation out of the lab.

Hours of Operation

  • The hours of operation are determined by the Department of Information Technology. The objective is to provide adequate support to the Seton Hall Community. The Seton Hall Community is required to work within the confines of that schedule.
  • Please plan your schedule accordingly. PC Support Services will not be able to extend hours of operation so that individuals can complete last minute work. You are required to comply when asked to shut down the computer you are using by any of the staff of PC Support Services.
  • In order to accommodate varying demand throughout the semester, the Department of Information Technology will periodically alter the hours of operation to meet the increased or decreased needs of the community. For instance, during the week prior to and the week of final exams, lab hours are extended due to the high demand for lab time.


  • All of the equipment and furniture in the labs are the property of the Department of Information Technology. Any person found to be destroying or defacing equipment or property will be held accountable for their actions.
  • Use of the equipment in the labs is for purely academic purposes. If at any time you are found to be viewing inappropriate material or playing games, you will be approached by a Student Technology Assistant (STA) and asked to shut down the computer. Continued violation will result in the loss of lab privileges.
  • PCSS has a staff of trained technicians who maintain the equipment in the lab. When equipment is not functioning properly, it should be brought to the attention of the Student Technology Assistant in that lab. A user should never attempt to repair any of the equipment in any of the labs. The user will be held accountable for any additional damage done in the process, and risks the loss of lab privileges.

Student Technology Assistants

  • The STAs, who will be sitting in the designated "Lab Consultant" stations and will be wearing maroon uniforms, are representatives of the Department of Information Technology. Requests made by the STA should be respected and complied with.
  • STAs are stationed in the labs to provide the best support possible for technology-related issues. While they will be happy to assist any customer that needs help with any University software, it is suggested that those who are unfamiliar with any software contact the Computer Training Classroom (CTC) for extensive training on the use of any unfamiliar university supported software. The CTC offers both face to face and online training sessions throughout the year. For more information about all of the services that the CTC provides, please click here.
  • STAs have been trained on customer service skills and are expected to treat all individuals with courtesy and respect. In return, we kindly ask that you do the same.
  • If you have any concerns regarding the performance of any of the STAs, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or via e-mail at [email protected].


  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Be sure to completely log out of your account when you are finished working on a public lab computer. Gather all belongings (including any keys, USB drives, personally identifiable printouts, etc.) before leaving the lab. Do not leave any print outs by the printers.
  • It is recommended that those who left any personal items in the labs return to that lab as quickly as possible. Please see the STA in the lab to see if they have secured your personal belongings. If you are unable to return to the lab in a timely manner, contact the Technology Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or by e-mail to [email protected].

PC Support Services welcomes all comments and concerns that you may have regarding our services and equipment. All comments and/or concerns should be directed to the Public Lab Office located on the 1st Floor of Corrigan Hall, or to the Technology Service Desk by phone at (973) 275-2222 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Effective Date
June 16, 2008