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Department of Information Technology

TLT Center Prior Projects

To further promote the use of instructional technology, the TLT Center funded several internal grant programs and projects. These grant programs and projects encouraged faculty to expand the use of instructional technology by providing the funding and support needed to investigate, test and implement new technologies in their field of study for instructional purposes. Grants were sponsored by Academic Affairs and the TLT Center and were offered when funds are made available.

Curriculum Development Initiative (CDI)

The Curriculum Development Initiative (CDI) was developed as part of the University's long term strategic plan in response to a need for a program that would not only assist faculty with the integration of technology into their coursework but would sustain course development going forward.

Faculty Innovation Grants (FIG)

Faculty Innovation Grants (FIGS) were devoted to the creation or application of learning objects, resources or innovative approaches by faculty members to infuse technology into courses scheduled to be taught at Seton Hall.

A&S Online Course Development Grant

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC) collaborated to offer on-line undergraduate and graduate courses to create more flexible course options for traditional and non-traditional students. The mission of this initiative was to redevelop currently offered courses to allow for their delivery on-line instead of in the traditional classroom.


The TLT Center also supported a number of additional initiatives that may or may not receive internal grant funding including:


The University recognizes that the definition of "mobile" is evolving and no longer solely refers to a laptop computer. The SHU Mobile project extended Seton Hall University's rich technological environment to highly mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, presented and assess new and innovative teaching and learning solutions through the use of highly mobile devices in the curriculum and communicated with and engaged our students and faculty using methods that are more common to mobile devices.


Dedicated to the effective use of technology in the classroom and the promotion of best practices for teaching and learning, Seton Hall University embraced the use of electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) as a university initiative since 2003.

Virtual Worlds

The Teaching, Learning and Technology Center at Seton Hall University explored the educational potential of virtual worlds in the college classroom. Instructional designers, faculty and administrators worked together to define best practice, identify strategies for the integration of virtual worlds into the learning experience and find solutions to training and support challenges.