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Seton Hall University
Members of Student Alumni Association.


Founded in 2005, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an undergraduate organization that works in partnership with Seton Hall's office of Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy. The group seeks to better the University community by fostering relationships between current students and graduates, fostering school spirit and educating undergraduate students about the benefits of a life-long relationship with Seton Hall University.

The Student Alumni Association creates dynamic campus programming to engage students, faculty, staff and alumni in its mission. SAA founded Spirit Week at Seton Hall, created Pirate Pandemonium, and works with the office of Alumni Relations on exclusive networking events for its members.

Annual Programs, Events and Activities:
Members of SAA have the opportunity to participate in unique events on campus. Each year, we host a variety of events focusing on networking, school spirit, philanthropy and other award-winning programs.

  • Mentoring – Each member of SAA is paired with a mentor from the Alumni Board of Directors
  • Pirate Pandemonium – mini pep rally events held annually for each of Seton Hall's Division 1 athletic teams
  • Bounce 'N Trounce – learn more here
  • Conferences and Travel – members of the Student Alumni Association regularly travel throughout the country to meet with alumni, attend regional alumni chapter events, visit other colleges and present at conferences
  • Pirate Appearances – SAA maintains the Seton Hall Pirate mascot program, bringing the Pirate to weddings, parties and events around the country
  • Networking – members take part in regular networking opportunities with alumni

One of the most unique things about the Student Alumni Association is the way we help serve our community. This year, SAA had a 100% giving rate to the Seton Hall Fund. There are also various Seton Hall service projects SAA has been able to work on as a group.

Benefits of Membership
Members of SAA: Travel to meet alumni outside NJ, attend national SAA conferences, make invaluable connections, looks great on a resume, partake in experiences open only to our members, and get tons of free Seton Hall gear! Members of SAA also have access to a variety of exclusive benefits and opportunities including serving as Seton Hall ambassadors, traveling to conferences and alumni events, attending the black-tie alumni gala, networking with alumni and more! Learn more about joining SAA.

Visit our event calendar to learn about getting involved with upcoming activities.

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