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Student Testimonials

Read what some of our students have to say about the Religion Department:

"I strongly believe that my undergraduate education would have been lacking without a double-major in Religious Studies at Seton Hall. The Department of Religion's course curriculum allowed me to pursue a course of study that aligned with my academic interests. Studying religion made me a stronger student, thinker, and overall professional. The program enhanced my writing abilities, critical thinking, and communication skills and provided me with the necessary tools to understand other academic disciplines at a deeper level."

Mohamed D. Elshekh, Class of 2019
Majored in Religion and Diplomacy

"I entered Seton Hall as a Sports Management major….In [Dr. Maloney's] God course, and CST [Catholic Social Teaching course], I remember several moments that helped illuminate my future career….[U]pon reflection, I firmly believe that working for underprivileged communities as a Public Defender is my calling….and although Public Defenders are one of the more overworked and underpaid career paths in the law field, I know that I will be able to go to sleep every night knowing that my work helps people, is morally good, is fulfilling, and fights against the systems and institutions that brought me into the political and legal field in the first place." 

Nicholas Fiorino, Class of 2020
Majored in Religion and Political Science

"I started my journey as a [marketing] student….[M]y advisor registered me for [Dr. Sciglitano's course on] 20th Century Christian Theologians…. [I]t was the best thing to ever have happened to my academic career.  Not only was the professor phenomenal and never once treated me as the student who knew nothing about theology, but the class, the professor, and the dialogue transformed my stay at Seton Hall, from "I can't wait to finish" to "I never want to leave." Since taking that class, I added theology [in Religious Studies] as a second major to my marketing major.  [Studying theology in the Religious Studies Department] has allowed me to fill the hole which desired meaningful learning, it taught me to keep an open mind…and sharpened my critical and analytical thinking skills.  Most importantly though, [my studies with religious studies professors allowed me] to learn on a much deeper level….To me, it was studying the driving force behind people’s convictions, exposed me to ethical thought….I encourage everyone to study theology on some level, as it has forever bettered my life and my soul."

Nicole Snyder, Class of 2021
Majored in Religion and Marketing