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College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Integrity Policy

The Department of Religion considers Academic Integrity of the utmost importance. When we enter higher education, we join a community of scholars held together by a love for knowledge, intellectual engagement, and mutual trust.  Cheating of any kind, but plagiarism in particular, destroys trust, betrays disrespect for the processes of learning to which we, as a department, are committed, and mocks genuine intellectual engagement. The Department of Religion considers all cheating and plagiarism serious breaches of academic integrity.

  • Plagiarism: stealing and/or passing off as one’s own the ideas or words of another; using without crediting the source.  It includes: (1) copying of text/research/assignments; (2) using someone else’s papers/research/assignments without permission and citation; (3) representing as one’s own work what is really the work of another person. This includes downloading from WEB sources.
Penalties for plagiarism and cheating are open to the discretion of the professor, but include giving the particular assignment a zero, failing the student for the course, and recommendation of suspension or expulsion from the university.