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Seton Hall University
Students Volunteering

Community Outreach and Servant Leadership

Through several of Seton Hall’s Centers and Institutes, students learn through serving others, especially those from neighboring communities in need. Community outreach and service activities are aligned with the Catholic Mission and include tutoring and mentoring at area primary and secondary schools, aiding elderly in nursing homes, staffing soup kitchens, English language instruction, among others. 

The Division of Volunteer Efforts

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Division of Volunteer Efforts
108 Boland Hall, Lowe Level
(973) 761-9702

The Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership 

The Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership  promotes openness to God's call in both the academic life and common life of Seton Hall University to support the overall mission of forming students as servant leaders for today's world. 

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At Seton Hall, students learn through lectures and classroom discussion as well through hands-on experience. Experiential experiences mean students learn by first doing—then analyzing and reflecting. This approach reinforces knowledge acquisition and spurs creativity and focus.