Mitra Shojania Feizabadi, Ph.D.

Department of Physics


My research interests include experimental and computational Biophysics.

In the category of experimental biophysics, my research projects evaluate the mechanical and dynamic differences that exist in the intracellular functions of cancer cells versus brain cells. More specifically, I am interested in studying differences that may exist due to the structural uniqueness of one of the intracellular bio filaments, microtubules. Microtubules are involved in cell division and cellular transportation. To this point, my research projects have focused on human breast cancer microtubules (MCF7) as our choice for cancer microtubules vs. brain microtubules.

In the category of theoretical and computational cancer biophysics, my research evaluates the dynamics of normal and tumor cells under different conditions. While my previous works were related to investigating the evolution of cells under treatment with various therapeutic agents, my recent objective is to assess the dynamics of cancer cells showing resistance to therapeutic agents.