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Seton Hall University
Dawrell Rich


Dawrell Rich , M.Div.
Adjunct Professor
Department of Religion

(908) 347-7044

Fahy Hall
Room 322


Dawrell Rich, M.Div.

Adjunct Professor
Department of Religion

Our current socio-cultural milieu calls for educators who are committed to liberative teaching that supports social transformation. I believe, education is a liberating force fueled by the shared acknowledgment of each others humanity, prioritizes creativity, and challenges oppressive ideals. Educators have the potential to influence a society fractured by the abuse of power evidenced through structural inequities. Now, more than ever, educators must exercise a commitment to liberative teaching that addresses the reality of broken systems which privilege some more than others. As an educator, I am committed to creating space for student self-determination. Beyond my academic contributions to the fields of sociology, religious studies, ethics, urban studies, and eco-justice I use scholarship as a tool to expand conversations about the role of religion and its institutions in society. Even more, I use education as tool to engage students in identifying their role in social change.