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Seton Hall University

Nancy Enright, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Director of the University Core
Department of English

I have been teaching full-time at Seton Hall University since 1988. I love teaching and feel that it never gets "old" for me. My research interests focus on the connections between literature and theology. I am also interested in service learning. I serve on the Board of Advisors for the Catholic Studies Program and have taught and created courses for that program (cross-listed with English). I have co-taught the Catholic Studies course, Foundations of Christian Culture, in Oxford, England, along with Msgr. Richard Liddy, Dr. Dermot Quinn, and Fr. Ian Boyd.

Meet with Prof. Enright by appointment in Mooney 313, Core office (all weekdays) or
Fahy 369, English office (some TR p.m.).