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Seton Hall University

James McGlone, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
College of Human Development Culture and Media

Professor James McGlone has a Ph.D. in Theatre from New York University, a M.A. in speech and communication from Catholic University of America and B.A. in communication arts from Seton Hall. In 2013, Dr. McGlone joined the Department of Catholic Studies after teaching for almost five decades at Seton Hall.

Education, in Prof. McGlone's opinion, is a conversation that involves talking about things that matter;it implies a love of people, generally referred to as friendship, and a love of words, the only, if imperfect, symbols we have with which to enter each other's mind and spirit. He adheres to W. B. Yeats' suggestion that "I must be talking to my friends" and in that category he includes students and colleagues. That is Professor McGlone's goal when engaging students in his classes.