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Seton Hall University

Anthony Haynor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology Anthropology Social Work and Criminal Justice

A continuing interest of mine is in how sociology as a distinct form of consciousness has evolved, from the beginning of the field up to the present.  I have studied the efforts of sociologists to (1) arrive at a general understanding of basic social processes such as cooperation, competition, and exchange), (2) understand our particular period of human history (modernity, postmodernity) as well as the quest for meaning undertaken by those exist under these conditions, and (3) anticipate future developments. I am also very interested in how sociology can contribute in a meaningful way to human betterment, and in this connection have developed a methodology for social problem-solving.  I have explored the question: How can sociology inform our quest for a viable social order?  The integration of sociology and ethics has been and continues to be central to my work.  A long-term project is the development of a new curriculum capable of synthesizing the various domains of knowledge.