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Seton Hall University
Michael Maloney


Michael Maloney , Ph.D
Department of Religion

(973) 313-6262

Fahy Hall
Room 324

Michael Maloney, Ph.D

Department of Religion

Michael Maloney is an assistant professor in the Department of Religion. His doctoral degree is in Catholic systematic theology. His areas of interest are contemporary systematic theology and philosophical theology, specifically different approaches to conceptualizing the God-world relation. His current research focuses on evaluating the success of various contemporary theological approaches to providing a rational justification for belief in God and to conceptualizing the God-world relation. In the process of this evaluation he pays particular attention to the different metaphysical and epistemological commitments of these approaches, including how these commitments result in different emphases in the appropriation of the data of Christian revelation. Apart from teaching in the Religion Department, he teaches courses in the Honors Program and for the Core Curriculum. His teaching areas include Systematic Theology, Fundamental Theology, Ethics, World Religions and the History of Ideas.