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Seton Hall University

Good Samaritan Policy


Student health and safety are fundamental to our community. Whenever there is concern for another student or belief that assistance is needed, students are expected to contact Public Safety. In the case of a medical emergency, students should immediately call 911.

Students who seek medical assistance for themselves or for an individual who is intoxicated or experiencing an alcohol-related emergency will not be subject to University disciplinary action related to the alcohol policy. Furthermore, the intoxicated student who receives medical assistance will not be subject to University disciplinary action.


University Policy


This applies to all students enrolled at Seton Hall University.


When an incident that falls under the Good Samaritan Policy occurs, the student(s) involved will be required to meet with the Office of the Dean of Students to review the matter. While no formal disciplinary sanction (i.e. Probation) will be applied, an appropriate educational response may be. This may include participation in an educational class, mandated counseling assessment, additional fee for ambulance service, and/or parental notification. Failure to complete the educational requirements will result in referral to the University discipline system.

The following is also of important note:

  •  Other violations of the Student Code related to the same incident may be referred for disciplinary review and sanction.
  • A student involved in more than one incident that falls under the Good Samaritan Policy may be subject to disciplinary sanction.
  • Students may still be subject to local and state law for their behavior.
  • The University reserves the right to review each incident on a case by case basis.

For information about New Jersey’s 9-1-1 Lifeline Legislation, please click here.

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Responsible Offices

  • Department of Student Life
  • Division of Student Services



Effective Date

April 1st, 2010