Seton Hall University

Bed Bunking Policy


The bed bunking policy further defines furniture arrangement in a residence hall room. It clarifies permitted room layouts and enforces the University fire safety policy. The Bed Bunking Policy applies to all Seton Hall University resident students.


University Policy


Bed Bunking: Defined as one bed on top of the other supported by 2 bottom bed ends and 4 bunking pins. Bunking/Lofting supplies: bed ends, a stabilizer bar, a bedspring(s), and bunking pins. A ladder is usually provided; however, students can also use the built-in ladder, which are the 2 bed ends. A railing is not offered nor guaranteed.  Lofting: Defined as one bed supported by a stabilizer bar, two beds ends, and 4 bed pins. A ladder is usually provided; however, students can also use the built-in ladder which is the 2 bed ends. A railing is not offered nor guaranteed.


  • Lofting and/or bunking are permitted in residence halls where supplies are available. 
  • Lofting and/or bunking supplies are not a guaranteed supply.
  • Non-University issued lofting and/or bunking materials are not permissible.
  • Bed risers are also not permitted in the residence halls.
  • The Bunking/Lofting Kit includes 2 bed ends, a stabilizer bar, a bedspring(s), and 4 bunking pins. All necessary pieces for bed frames are provided. In accordance with the housing agreement, the University furniture must remain in the student’s room. The bunking/lofting equipment can be removed if the student no longer wants their bed lofted or bunked.
  • Once a bunk bed or a loft kit has been installed, it must remain as installed by the University without any components removed or altered. Should it be discovered the bunk bed or loft has been modified in any way, the residents will have 24 hours to return the bed to the approved set up. If the bed is not returned to its original set up, it will be removed by staff; and all the residents of the room will be charged a removal fee.
  • Students can un-loft/un bunk the bed, however, University Housing staff must be notified immediately so that the materials can be collected and placed into storage. Students are not permitted to keep unused bunking/lofting kits in the room.
  • Bed lofting and/or bed bunking is completed by hired staff or Housing and Residence Life staff before add/drop period. Students will be shown how to loft and/or bunk a bed after this period and staff assistance is not guaranteed.

Responsible Offices

  • Department of Housing and Residence Life



Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Vice President of Student Services

Effective Date

January 9th, 2020