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Pirate Pathway Program

General Info

The Pirate Pathway program is an intensive semester-long program designed to introduce and acclimate conditionally accepted students to the rigors of collegiate life at Seton Hall University.

  • Pirate Pathway students are given a 13 credit course load consisting of University and intended major core requirements. This reduced course load allows the students to fully focus on quality completion through direct academic support.
  • Pirate Pathway students are also required to attend 4 hours of structured development designed to thrive both in and outside of the classroom. These activities include tutoring, seminars, workshops, and structured study. 
  • The Pirate Pathway program provides a multitude of services aimed at stimulating and enhancing students’ academic prowess and self-empowerment. 
  • While Pirate Pathway students have access to many of the same resources as other students, these students are expected to meet certain goals throughout the semester. These goals are met through collaboration with various departments, faculty, and staff are customized to each student's needs. 
  • Once you have successfully completed the program meeting all academic and social requirements, you will be invited to join us in the spring as an undecided student, but will work with your Academic Advisor to declare your major as soon as possible!
  • You will continue to receive academic and social support in the spring by attending tutoring, Power Hours, and workshops.


  • Being a Pirate Pathway student is a phenomenal opportunity for you to begin your life as a Pirate. You will have many of the same experiences as a traditional first-year student coupled with benefits of an accelerated academic development program.
  • As a Pirate Pathway member, you will be asked to engage with the University in a comprehensive fashion. The staff will provide you with many opportunities to develop relationships with various faculty, administrators, and student leaders. It is important for you to find yourself at Seton Hall.


We respect your decision to entrust your student with us. Once you place that trust in us, we will do all we can to provide the most nurturing and supportive environment possible. Through our intrusive advisement method, we get to know our students on a variety of levels. This process allows each advisor to form a lasting bond that can positively affect your student’s ability to succeed.

  • Led by Joshua Dornbos, the program staff rates among the highest rated advisors on campus. Your student's advisors will be with them for the first three semesters of their academic career encouraging them as they build and define their academic skills, career goals, and personal motivations.
  • Our ultimate goal is always excellence through the adherence to and application of personal motivation, continual development, and indomitable dedication to your goals. Please contact any of the staff if you have any questions.

Course Load

  • CORE 1001 (University Life) is mandatory for all first-year students. 1 Credit
  • English (level depends on results of placement test) 3 Credits 
  • Additional two classes (based on intended major) 9 Credits