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College of Arts and Sciences
The Thinker (French: Le Penseur) a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin, of a male figure sitting on a rock with his chin resting on one hand as though deep in thought.

Lecture Series

Each year the Department of Philosophy hosts the Philosophers Speak lecture series, in which a major philosopher is invited to present a university-wide talk on current or social issues. A number of influential figures have given the talks in recent years.

  • Kwame Anthony Appiah (Princeton) - "My Cosmopolitanism"
  • Harry Frankfurt (Princeton) - "Moral Responsibility"
  • Paul Boghossian (NYU) - "Relativistic Views of Knowledge and Morality"
  • Jeff McMahan (Rutgers) - "Proportionality in Self-Defense and War"
  • Nancy Fraser (New School) - "Marketization, Social Protection, and Emancipation"
  • Douglas Husak (Rutgers) - "The Morality of Drug Criminalization"
  • David Chalmers (NYU) - "AI and the Singularity"
  • Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia) - "The Enigma Forgiveness"
  • Philip Kitcher (Columbia) - "The Role of Scientists and Dissenters in Public Debates"
  • Eric Katz (NJIT) - "The Ethics of Climate Change"
  • Bryan Frances (Fordham) - "The Rationality of Religious Belief"
  • Simon Critchley (New School) - "Philosophical Eros"
  • Matthew Liao (NYU) - "Is there a Moral Duty to Adopt?"
  • Christia Mercer (Columbia) - "Feeling the Way to Truth"
  • John Cooper (Princeton) - "Aristotle and Responsibility for our Actions"
  • Christopher Lebron (Yale) - "The Future of Racial Morality"