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Buccino Leadership Institute

Emmy Award-Winning Anchor Steve Adubato Teaches Second Master Class to Buccino Leaders  

Adubato teaching Master Class to Buccino students.Steve Adubato, Ph.D., Emmy award-winning anchor and president of Stand & Deliver, will once again teach a Master Class on Leadership and Communication to select students in the Buccino Leadership Institute. The course, which will run for two extended sessions on March 11 and March 25, will focus on practical communication tools for leaders in challenging times — particularly in the age of COVID.

"The Buccino Leadership Institute is excited, once again, to have Dr. Steve Adubato teaching a master class to our students on crisis communication. I was fortunate to go through an Army program designed to prepare general officers for media engagements, and the master class Steve delivered last year at Seton Hall was even better than that," said Bryan Price, Ph.D., executive director of the Buccino Leadership Institute. "I'm pleased our students will yet again get to benefit from Steve's expertise and passion; it's another outgrowth of the great partnership our Institute has had with Steve, and his colleague Mary Gamba, and the Stand & Deliver team."

A Fellow of the Leadership Institute, Adubato will share his leadership experiences with the 20 sophomores and juniors in a real-life and "hands-on" fashion. Similar to last spring's sessions, the students will be encouraged to "get comfortable being uncomfortable" while being guided through challenging and innovative communication techniques. The sessions will be completely virtual and highly interactive.

"I am honored to once again be joining Seton Hall University's Buccino Leadership Institute for this master class with engaged, thoughtful students who are our leaders of tomorrow," said Adubato. "In the face of COVID-19, our curriculum will examine 'best practices' for leaders communicating remotely in these challenging times. I am thrilled to partner with the University and the Institute to help our students reach their leadership potential."

Price added, "Steve has been very generous with his time and expertise, and is a tremendous asset to the Institute and our mission."

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