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Buccino Leadership Institute

Buccino Leadership Institute Honors First Nursing Major to Receive Scholarship

Headshot of Samantha GizziWe are honored by the appointment of our first College of Nursing Buccino Leadership Institute Buccino Scholar, Samantha Gizzi, a member of the Class of 2027. Gizzi’s life’s journey gives testament to her leadership as she sought out opportunities to make a positive difference in people's lives, whether it was through her work with Girl Scouts, volunteering at a local hospital or being a leader in student government.

The Gerald P. Buccino Endowed Scholarship, established in 1996, offers a four-year scholarship and mentorship to one member of the Buccino Leadership Institute (BLI) first-year class annually. Buccino's dedication to student leadership and development is reflected in this merit-based opportunity, emphasizing academic excellence, leadership qualities and a commitment to personal growth.

Gizzi defines leadership as the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their greatest potential and success. It is the capacity to envision possibilities, mobilize resources and drive progress towards desired outcomes. It entails setting a positive example, empowering others and creating an environment of trust and collaboration. Leadership is about establishing a sense of purpose, fostering a culture of accountability and achieving collective success through shared values and vision.

Success for Gizzi is found not only in her personal and professional achievements, but also in the lives she has touched by her selfless support of others in realizing their greatest potential. Currently, she serves as a Girl Scout troop leader in Bayonne, NJ, where her role extends beyond creating a positive environment for young girls. She guides them in cultivating leadership qualities by engaging in meaningful community service endeavors such as supporting military personnel and senior citizens.

Gizzi’s joy is waking up every day invigorated to face the daily challenges ahead. A healthy work-life balance is also a priority in maintaining a stable personal and academic environment. Juggling a highly demanding academic and work schedule, family responsibilities and staying engaged with and giving back to Seton Hall are all parts of her future goals.

"The College of Nursing has provided me with so many opportunities and allowed me to enhance my interest in the nursing profession through its impressively comprehensive curriculum and helpful faculty," said Gizzi.

She is also a member of the BLI Newsletter Committee, serves on the Institutes Student Council as the College of Nursing Representative, and the Secretary of Seton Hall’s Project Sunshine. Recently, Gizzi accepted a position with Housing and Residence Life as a Resident Assistant beginning in Fall 2024 semester. She anxiously looks forward to helping incoming students seamlessly transition to living on a college campus and helping them plan for a highly successful life’s journey ahead.

In Assuming the Role of Buccino Leadership Scholar

In her role as Buccino Leadership Scholar, Gizzi is committed to role-modeling and representing the institute’s principles and values to cultivate the further growth of the institute and its members. She plans to participate in open house events to share her experiences within the BLI with potential Seton Hall students and the leadership opportunities the institute offers. Through her broad networking and collaboration, she will seek opportunities that will benefit all BLI students as well as other students in the Seton Hall Community. 

Her Journey Ahead

Upon graduation, Gizzi plans to pursue a position within a critical care unit at a highly respected hospital. She is seeking a challenging opportunity that will allow her to further develop her nursing skills, thereby enabling her to create meaningful and lasting impacts on the lives of her patients. Applying the invaluable perspectives, guidance and support that she continues to receive from her parents, friends and mentors, she believes that she will continue to be fully equipped to take on the challenges to achieve her life’s purpose and meaning personally, spiritually and professionally.

"I am extremely honored to represent Seton Hall University’s Class of 2027. I am deeply committed to serving my fellow students and furthering the growth and development of the Buccino Leadership Institute," said Gizzi.

About the Gerald P. Buccino ("Buccino") Scholarship

The Gerald P. Buccino Scholarship was established in 1996 in the Leadership Studies Program of the Stillman School of Business. Beginning this year and going forward, all Freshman BLI students are eligible for this prestigious honor. The scholar receives a four-year scholarship and, most importantly, the one-on-one coaching and mentoring from Buccino and the Buccino Scholar Family. With this transition, the Buccino Scholarship is now awarded to one member of the Buccino Leadership Institute first-year class.

This Scholarship is a testimony to Buccino’s love and passion for student leadership growth and development, it is an opportunity to give back and serve; share his learnings to help people who need, value, take advantage of and benefit from a rich coaching and mentoring relationship to achieve their greatest potential and be highly successful in their professional and personal lives.

For more information on the Gerald P. Buccino Endowed Scholarship, visit here.

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