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Buccino Leadership Institute

Dean Halpin Named Acting Buccino Director  

Headshot of Elizabeth Halpin.

Associate Dean Elizabeth Halpin

Elizabeth Halpin, the Associate Dean of Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations, has been named the Acting Director of the Buccino Leadership Institute for the Fall 2022 semester.

Dean Halpin first became involved with the Institute as a result of her close professional relationship with Michael Reuter, the newly appointed Interim Executive Director, who ran the Stillman School of Business’ Leadership program from 2007 to 2020. Originally, the business school was the only college at the university to have an undergraduate leadership program. During this time, Dean Halpin served as an advisor on Mr. Reuter’s Business Leadership Forum and supported the University-wide leadership speaker series. The two of them worked together to build and collaborate on women’s leadership programs at both the Business School and the School of Diplomacy, which later led to the development of the Women of Diplomacy Leadership Program, for which Dean Halpin is the advisor. When Mr. Reuter started to envision the expansion of the Business Leadership program to the other colleges on campus, Dean Halpin volunteered and was selected to develop and oversee the Buccino Institute’s Diplomacy and International Relations cohort. She has overseen this cohort since its inaugural class in 2019.

During her time with the Institute, she has led classes on conflict management and seminars on women’s leadership and empowerment. As the head of the Diplomacy and International Relations cohort, Dean Halpin has developed a curriculum for her junior leadership students, generated team-bonding experiences for her students, and has overseen the recruitment process of prospective Diplomacy and International Relations leadership students. Additionally, she serves as the faculty advisor to the Institute’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.

When asked about what drew her to take on a larger leadership role within the institute, Dean Halpin expressed her passion for working with her leadership students. As one of the program’s founders, she strongly believes in the success that it has generated for its students and wants to be able to continue providing this program to future Pirates.

In taking on this new leadership role within the institute, Dean Halpin wants to continue the work that Dr. Price, the former Executive Director, started, while also continuing to improve the program for its students. She says her mandate for this semester’s transition "is to meet the students’ expectations, providing the services the Institute has become known for, and to find greater efficiencies when possible."

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