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Buccino Leadership Institute

Buccino Student Council Proposes a New Onboarding Process  

Campus Green and Presidents HallEvery year, the Buccino Leadership Institute’s Student Council is tasked with creating a program that enhances the student experience for future classes. To foster collaboration within the Institute, the Fall 2022 Student Council came up with the idea to launch a project that will focus on bringing leaders together.  Over the course of this academic year, the Council will work with the Pirates On Board Initiative to create a day-long freshman orientation for new students entering the Institute. 

The goal of the orientation is to bring the Class of 2026 together and give them an opportunity to meet students and Associate Directors from outside their own cohort. Throughout a student’s time in the Institute, they will have to work with those who are outside of their cohort, and making this introduction early on will make these projects easier. Furthermore, the Buccino Leadership Institute prides itself on being a family and having an orientation that allows students to meet their peers as well as upperclassmen and Associate Directors will foster the family feel of the Institute. 

The planned onboarding day will be led by upperclassmen, members of the Student Council, and members of Pirates On Board. "Our ideal day," said President Erin Murphy, "would have both informational and fun sessions.  It would give students the chance to learn more about the Institute and what it does, as well as a chance to connect with those both inside and outside their cohort through teambuilding activities." The information sessions will allow freshmen to learn more about what the Institute does and its values and the initiatives within the Institute. The team-building activities will be held in partnership with Pirates On Board and will focus on the freshman building relationships with one another. 

This program will expand upon the existing inter-disciplinary team projects, as well as the landmark orientation program from within the Business Leadership Center. In that program, freshmen from the business cohort have a daylong orientation where they learn about the Center, meet fellow business students.  

Upperclassman Representative for the Business Leadership Center, Melanie Yetman, shared her opinion on taking the orientation Institute-wide. "It is so exciting to see the development of a freshman onboarding experience for the entire Institute. Hosting a freshman onboarding program with the Business Leadership Center has been crucial to enhancing the experience of the freshman within the program, as it allows leaders to build strong connections with their peers. This orientation gives income students a sense of belongings in a family that cares for them, supports them, and wants to see them thrive within the program."

The Student Council would like to extend a thank you to Connolly and Dean Halpin for their continuous support of the initiative.  

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