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Languages, Literatures and Cultures Adjunct Faculty

The LLC adjunct faculty are a special group of people. Dedicated to teaching languages and culture, our instructors are native or near-native speakers of the languages they teach. They bring to their classes the experience of having lived in and studied in other countries. Our adjuncts have extensive teaching experience as well as advanced degrees in languages, foreign language literature, translation, linguistics, and more. LLC adjuncts are also professional tutors who meet regularly with students who desire further study support in their languages of choice.

Image of Claudia Veronica Freire in front of a big window.
Claudia Verónica Freire
Adjunct Professor of Spanish Language
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Caroline Kheir
Adjunct Professor of French
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Mario Maximous
Adjunct Professor - Arabic & Japanese Languages
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Roberta Scortechini wearing black blouse
Roberta Scortechini
Adjunct Professor of Italian
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Michael Stone
Adjunct Professor of Asian Studies
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