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Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies

Founded in 1953 at Seton Hall, we've been developing, encouraging and increasing the collaborative peace-building efforts of Jewish and Christian scholars for 60 years. Learn more »

Research and Publication

We've been fostering a positive understanding of Judaism and the Jewish people and promoting mutual Jewish-Christian understanding through scholarly research and publications since our inception. Learn more »

In-Depth Study and Education

We founded the first and only Graduate Program in Jewish-Christian Studies in the U.S., which continues to serve as a model for eliminating prejudice through understanding. Learn more »

Engagement and Collaboration

Our programs inform scholars and theologians and instruct educators, students and the general public about various facets of Jewish-Christian studies and relations. Learn more »

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Institute's Monthly Newsletter
Learn more about our recent projects, events and how we've been promoting peace on a global scale for the past 60 years. View the Institute's Monthly Newsletter »

Jewish-Christian Studies Annual Newsletter
Read the latest news and updates in the Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program. View the Jewish-Christian Studies Annual Newsletter »