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Ariel View of the Destruction from Hurricane Harvey

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief

A message from Interim President Mary J. Meehan, Ph.D.

"Over the past few weeks the news each day describes a new hurricane, countless people without power and water, and many others whose homes have been destroyed. We all remember what it was like in New Jersey after Sandy, and in recent weeks so many more are suffering devastating losses.

Ours is a community of faith and kindness, and each time you have been asked, you have stepped up with incredible generosity. I thought twice about reaching out to you after you have done so much, but when I heard the Governor of Puerto Rico asking for prayers this morning, I felt compelled to ask you, to stretch yet again, for those in Puerto Rico who have little but their faith in God and in good neighbors.

And so I ask you that if you cannot make a financial contribution, please pray for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and for all who have so little today." 

Mary J. Meehan, Ph.D. Interim President

University calls for Pirates everywhere to aid hurricane victims.

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are the latest victims of a hurricane season that has no equal in modern history. In Puerto Rico, the situation is acutely severe. Major components of the island’s infrastructure (electricity, water, telecommunications, etc.) have been completely wiped out. As dire as the circumstances are, they would be exponentially worse without massive aid being supplied by concerned nations and citizens from around the world.

There are many members of the Seton Hall community who hail from these islands; many still have family members there who face a daily battle to survive.

As you did when the Gulf Coast and Florida were in the throes of hurricane-related disasters, Seton Hall urges every Pirate to do all he or she can to bring relief to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief will leverage the power of the University community by channeling donations to the communities that need them most. Seton Hall is partnering with Catholic Charities in this effort to provide food, shelter and medication to those in need. With our help, the hurricane victims will have more of the life-giving supplies they so desperately need.

Every donation will go directly to Catholic Charities to alleviate misery and suffering caused by this unforgiving hurricane season. When we unite as members of the global Pirate community, we become a tremendous force for good. Please join us as we Go Blue for Hurricane Relief.

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief:

Donate to Catholic Charities Relief Efforts

For More Information:
Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE)
(973) 761-9702

Off-campus Resources:

  • NJ Hotline for families with loved ones in Puerto Rico: (833)NJ-HELPS
  • American Red Cross: (800)733-2767

On-campus Resources:

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