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Ariel View of the Destruction from Hurricane Harvey

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief

Pirates Unite for Hurricane Relief

Each year on June 1, hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin begins, bringing with it the potential for widespread flooding and catastrophic damage. With winds ranging from 74 to 157 mph or higher, these hurricanes have downed trees, destroyed homes and left hundreds of thousands of people without power.

To aid our brothers and sisters whose lives have been devastated by these storms, please join fellow Setonians in supporting Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA.

Residents of hurricane-stricken towns and cities have a long journey ahead of them to rebuild their homes, their communities and their lives — much as many Setonians did in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Our memories of that storm and its aftermath beckon us to stand with these victims during their time of great need.

Please Be Generous with Your Assistance

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief will leverage the power of the University community by channeling donations to the communities that need them most. Seton Hall is partnering with Catholic Relief Services for international relief support and Catholic Charities USA for domestic relief support in this effort to provide food, shelter and medication to those in need. With our help, the hurricane victims will have more of the life-giving supplies they so desperately need.

Every donation will go directly to these two charities to alleviate misery and suffering caused by each unforgiving hurricane season. When we unite as members of the global Pirate community, we become a tremendous force for good. Please join us as we Go Blue for Hurricane Relief.

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief

Go Blue for Hurricane Relief:

Donate to Catholic Charities USA
Donate to Catholic Relief Services

For More Information:
Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE)
(973) 761-9702