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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

New Accelerated M.S. Program Offers Dynamic and Digitally Centric Curriculum  

digital media x320Seton Hall University is excited to announce its newest graduate program, the accelerated, one-year M.S. in Professional Communication and Digital Media Arts. Housed within the emerging College of Human Development, Culture, and Media launching this summer, this program is specifically designed for those interested in honing and developing digital, interpersonal, media-related and organizational communication skills and competencies.

Unique to Seton Hall, this program offers a comprehensive and accelerated blended academic and professional learning opportunity within a dynamic environment. The inaugural cohort will feature unique co-curricular collaborations across the College of Human Development, Culture, and Media, including the recently launched Center for Sports Media. Students will build a comprehensive base of knowledge and skills to effectively communicate in a complex, ever-changing digital media ecosystem. The curriculum includes courses such as Emerging Media and Production; Designing, Communicating, and Leading Diverse Organizations; and Communication Research, among others. The program culminates in a Master's Project, and students will have the option to complete a Communication Portfolio or an Experiential Internship during the summer term.

Aligned with the Seton Hall’s recognition as New Jersey’s first Adobe Creative Campus, the program is both digitally centric and S.T.E.M.-designated. As part of their studies, students will engage in the development, examination, and innovative application of digital technologies that alter the ways in which we articulate our thoughts, interact with one another, acquire knowledge, and perceive and engage with the world around us.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, specialized degrees in communication and digital media are in high demand. According to recent regional data, there has been a significant increase in enrollment for degrees related to digital communication with a growth rate of 123%, and applied communication, with a growth rate of 30%. Students are also increasingly seeking S.T.E.M-designated programs that provide them with the technical skills and knowledge required to succeed in these industries. 

“The fast-growing demand for digital communication and multimedia programs is a clear indication of the need for an advanced degree program like the M.S. in Professional Communication and Digital Media Arts,” said Program Director Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D. “Our interdisciplinary program draws upon a diverse array of faculty, including scholars and professionals, with a broad knowledge base and skills, enabling our students to compete in all professional fields related to our disciplines.”

Working within its interdisciplinary structure, proposed thematic areas for subsequent Fall cohorts include business communication, design thinking, digital humanities, health communication, human-computer interaction communication, instructional communication and religious communication.

The 30-credit program is in-person, allowing for a mentorship that allows students to collaborate one-on-one with scholars and professionals in the field, plus take advantage of Seton Hall's vast resources, including the Career Center, various production labs and studios, library and recreation center.

Tsuria added, “We aim to equip our graduates with a unique combination of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for successful careers in today's rapidly changing media landscape. Our students will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, as well as a deep understanding of the theory and practice of communication in the digital age.”

The new program is in line with the University's forthcoming College of Human Development, Culture, and Media, a collaborative new unit comprised from the College of Communication and the Arts and College of Education and Human Services which seeks to provide students with an interdisciplinary, professional and skills-based education that aligns with the evolving demands of today's workforce.

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