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Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University Pledge

As a member of the Seton Hall community, we have a shared responsibility to recognize the special and vital role we play in sustaining the health and well-being of ourselves, others, and our community. Providing a healthy and safe environment and limiting the spread of COVID-19 depends in large part, on our shared commitment and dedication to the tenets in this Pledge.

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To Protect Myself and Others, I Will:

  • Educate myself about the many personal and community benefits from receiving a COVID-19 vaccination and will consider becoming vaccinated if I am not already vaccinated.
  • Adhere to Seton Hall’s distancing, masking, testing and hygiene guidelines in outdoor and indoor settings.
  • Complete the #CampusClear app as needed.
  • Appreciate my own personal role in keeping myself and those around me healthy.