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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about your pay:

1. Question: How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Answer: Please complete and return the Direct Deposit Payroll Authorization Form to the Payroll Office. 

2. Question: Can I split my direct deposit between multiple accounts?
Answer: Yes, you may split your pay between multiple checking and savings accounts. Please indicate a fixed dollar amount on the direct deposit form if you are requesting a split deposit.

3. Question: I have a checking account but I do not have a blank voided check I can provide to sign up for direct deposit. Is there anything else I can provide instead?
Answer: Yes, you can provide a bank generated direct deposit information form showing your account number and your bank’s routing / transit number. 

4. Question: I have signed up for direct deposit. When will it take effect?
Answer: After you sign up for direct deposit your next paycheck will still be made via a paper check that will be mailed to your address on file. Direct deposit will begin with your 2nd paycheck after you sign up for direct deposit.

5. Question: I have signed up for direct deposit. How can I see my paystub?
Answer: You can obtain your paystub via Banner self-serve. Log on to PirateNet > Profile > Employment Details > Pay Stub and follow the instructions provided.

6. Question: I have not signed up for direct deposit. How will I receive my paycheck?
Answer: Payroll checks are mailed to the mailing address you have on file. They are mailed by the paycheck date. You can update your mailing address via Banner self-serve. Log on to PirateNet > Profile > Personal Information > Update Addresses and Phones. Insert a Mailing (local) address. Please also include your SHU Box # if you use your campus address as your mailing address. 

7. Question: Can I pick my paycheck up rather than have it mailed?
Answer: University policy is that paychecks are distributed via mail or direct deposit. In the event of a replacement check, you may contact the Payroll Office in advance to arrange pick up of your paycheck on or after pay day. You must present your campus ID when picking up your check. The Payroll Office is located in Room 10 in the lower level of Bayley Hall. The window hours are 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

8. Question: I did not receive my original pay check in the mail. Can I receive a replacement payroll check?
Answer: The Payroll Office will reissue a payroll check that has been lost or misplaced 14 days after the check date. This delay allows adequate time for mail delivery before taking steps to cancel a payment with the bank and reissue the check.

9. Question: I just found a payroll check dated four months ago. Can I still cash it?
Answer: Payroll checks greater than 90 days old are considered “stale dated,” and may not be accepted by your bank for deposit. In such situations you may return your check to the Payroll Office. The Payroll Office can reissue you this check after it receives confirmation from the bank that the check has not been cashed. In some situations your bank may accept your deposit of a check greater than 90 days old.

10. Question: I just found a payroll check that is greater than a year old. Can I still cash it?
Answer: The Payroll Office annually reviews payroll checks that are greater than one year and makes efforts to reach employees so these old checks can be reissued. If attempts at reissuance have been unsuccessful the Payroll Office is required to remit this money to the state as unclaimed property. In such circumstances you will need to contact the state to obtain this money. Please contact the Payroll Office for help in determining if a check issued to you has been remitted to the state as unclaimed property.

Questions about payroll taxes:

11. Question: I am a student worker. Why are taxes for Social Security and Medicare not withheld from my earnings? 
Answer: Student workers currently enrolled as “full-time students,” as defined by the IRS, are generally exempt from Social Security and Medicare tax withholdings.

12. Question: I am a nonresident alien. Am I exempt from having taxes withheld from my earnings?
Answer: The United States has tax treaties with some countries that could affect the taxes required to be withheld from your pay. Please contact the Controller's Office at (973) 761-9318 to schedule a review of your particular circumstances and to complete the required paperwork.

13. Question: How do I change the filing status or other information included on my W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate?
Answer: Changes to your Federal W-4 may either be made via Banner self-serve, or by completing and returning an updated W-4 to the Payroll Office. Changes to your NJ W4 are not available via Banner self-serve and must be made by completing and returning an updated NJW4 to the Payroll Office.

To change your Federal W-4 on Banner self-serve, log on to PirateNet > Profile > Employment Details > Tax Forms > W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances > Update (at the bottom of the screen) and follow the instructions provided.

Click the below links to access the Federal and NJ W-4 Forms. The completed forms should be returned to the Payroll Office. For security reasons, the Payroll Office cautions against emailing forms containing your Social Security Number. If you are a current employee updating a previous completed W-4, you may include your campus ID instead of you Social Security Number, and email the updated form to the Payroll Office.

14. Question: I don't reside in New Jersey. Why are NJ taxes withheld from my earnings?
Answer: All employees and student workers working in New Jersey are required to have NJ taxes withheld from their earnings, with the exception of employees working in NJ but residing in Pennsylvania. New Jersey and Pennsylvania have entered into a tax agreement that allows the University to withhold PA taxes for PA residents working in NJ.

15. Question: How do I receive my W-2 Wage and Tax Statement?
Answer: Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statements are issued by the Payroll Office by January 31 of each year. You may elect to receive this form electronically, or have it mailed to your address on file. The Payroll Office issues an email each year to all active employees and student workers containing instructions on how to sign up to receive an electronic W-2. You may request a duplicate W-2 if an original mailed copy is lost or misplaced by emailing your request to the Payroll Office at Please include your campus ID number, the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and the address you would like your W-2 mailed to. You may also obtain a copy of your W-2 thru out the year by consenting to receive your W-2 electronically. Log on to PirateNet > Profile > Employment Details > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage and Tax Statement and follow the consent instructions provided. Once you consent to receive your W-2 electronically this consent remains active and you will not receive a paper W-2 in future years unless you revoke this consent. The Payroll and Human Resource Offices temporarily remove the ability to make changes to your electronic consent while final year-end tax statements are being processed and mailed.

Contact information: 
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