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Seton Hall University

Educational Opportunity Fund Programs

The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) was created in 1968 to ensure meaningful access to higher education for those who come from backgrounds of economic and educational disadvantage. The Fund assists low-income New Jersey residents who are capable and motivated but lack adequate preparation for college study.

As a part of this initiative, the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Seton Hall University was established in 1968 to provide educational and financial assistance to eligible New Jersey students of academic promise from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) combines the financial assistance from the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), along with academic support: tutoring, structured study, academic advisement, opportunity for community service, internships and counseling services throughout the college experience: undergraduate and graduate.

The road to college and graduation can be filled with obstacles. The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) can make the journey successful. If you are serious about earning a college degree, the EOP can be a turn in the right direction.