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Seton Hall University
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Compliance Training FAQs

What training modules are included in the Training Program?

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Including Title IX
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Conflict of Interest (if applicable)

Why is the Training Program important? And who needs to take it?
The completion of the Training Program will help provide a safe teaching, learning, working, and living environment at Seton Hall University. The Training Program is intended to benefit all members of the University community in accordance with the Catholic principle of the personal responsibility that each member of the community has for their self, one another and ultimately for the community as a whole.

All Regents, Trustees, officers, priests, faculty (full and part-time, as well as adjuncts), administrators, staff members, employees, all persons residing in University housing and other members of the University community as identified.

Are there different versions of the Harassment and Discrimination Prevention course?
Yes. Supervisors are required to take a version of the course specific to their roles at the University. Students also have a different version appropriate to their status as students.

Who needs to complete the Conflict of Interest Training?
Any Regent, Trustee or employee with hiring authority and/or budget authorization for $10,000 or above.

How long does it take to complete the Training Program?
The Training Program is online, composed of self-paced courses designed to meet the learning style of each individual.

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Including Title IX: 90 – 120 minutes
  • Data Security and Privacy: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Conflict of Interest: 20 – 30 minutes

When and how often do I have to take the training?

Annually (once per calendar year):

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Including Title IX
  • Conflict of Interest

Biannually (every other calendar year):

  • Data Security and Privacy

Schedules for completion of the Training Program will be determined by Human Resources in coordination with division leadership.

How do I access the Training Program? Can I access it from home?
Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Including Title IX and Conflict of Interest are available through Vector Solutions.  To access the courses, login to PirateNet, choose the Vector Solutions app.

The Data Security Awareness course is available in Vector LMS.  To access the course, login to PirateNet, choose Vector LMS for Faculty/Staff from the PirateNet Dashboard. All courses for which you are assigned will appear on your Vector LMS homepage.

Yes, you may access the course from home.

Can I stop and restart the individual courses?
Yes. The individual courses can be paused and revisited as necessary.

How can I confirm that I have completed all of my required courses in the Training Program?
You can verify your training status by checking your individual course.

If I've taken training at another college/university do I have to take it again?
Yes. The Training Program and individual courses are specific to Seton Hall policies and procedures and must be completed by every employee, regardless of other training.

What are the consequences for not completing the Training Program?
Consequences for not completing the Training Program are detailed in the Policy on Mandatory Compliance Training.

What browser should I use?
Chrome, Firefox, Safari (preferred) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+.

Who do I contact for technical issues?
The IT Service Desk at (973) 275-2222.