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Catholic Studies Professor to Deliver Invited Lecture at University of Notre Dame  

Photo of Professor Stacy TrasancosCatholic Studies Adjunct Professor Stacy A. Trasancos, Ph.D., will deliver an invited lecture at University of Notre Dame on November 15, 2022, following the College of Science’s Gold Mass.

The tradition of the Gold Mass began in recent decades as a way for members of the scientific profession to celebrate a Votive Mass, usually in honor of St. Albert the Great, and provide opportunities for "spiritual fellowship among Catholic scientists, science educators and science students." The Mass at Notre Dame University, an initiative of the local chapter of the international Society of Catholic Scientists, will be celebrated on St. Albert's feast day.

On the evening of the Gold Mass, Catholic Studies Adjunct Professor Trasancos will deliver the Edison Lecture titled "God, Angels and Electromagnetic Radiation: Life Among the Invisible." In this talk, Trasancos will explore the ways in which the wonders of modern science can bring us to greater appreciation and awe of God. As Trasancos explained, "all we have learned — and have yet to learn — is magnificent evidence of the faithfulness of a loving and personal Creator."

Trasancos, a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute and author of five published books on the integration of science and theology, is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on the topic of theology and science. She worked as a senior research chemist for DuPont earlier in her career, and now she focuses on researching, writing, teaching, and speaking about the relationship between faith and science.

At Seton Hall, Trasancos has developed and regularly teaches several courses in Catholic Studies: Catholic Theology of Science, Science & the Church, Catholic Classics and Interiority, Modern Women of Faith, and The Literature of Catholic Conversion. She is involved in various campus initiatives, having served as a panelist in the conference "Jaki, Science, and Chesterton" and taught a Back to School Class for Parents.

"We are thrilled to have faculty members of the caliber of Trasancos at Seton Hall," said Ines Murzaku, Ph.D., Director of Catholic Studies. "She is frequently called upon to speak at venues around the nation about the relationship between faith and science — how understanding today's scientific discoveries can enrich our faith. Our students appreciate the value of her expertise, as her Catholic Studies courses are among the most popular we offer."

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