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Student to Participate in Innovative Catholic Studies Consortium Semester in Rome Program  

Jasmine De Leon at the Trevi Fountain In the Fall 2023 semester, rising senior Jasmine De Leon will be the first Seton Hall student to participate in the new opportunity to study in Rome through Seton Hall’s membership in the National Catholic Studies Consortium. With students from Catholic universities throughout the United States, De Leon will live at the Pontifical Irish College in Rome and study at the prestigious Pontifical Gregorian University, earning credit toward graduation.

The program, which just completed its first semester, is designed to give students at American Catholic universities the opportunity to learn firsthand about the life and culture of Rome, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and the experiences of their peers from across the nation and around the world. It offers students of National Catholic Studies Consortium schools a complete academic and residential experience.

Through this program, De Leon and the other participants will take courses taught in English at the Pontifical Gregorian University; these courses will be complemented by overnight and day trips to sites of significant to their studies. Upon successful completion of the program, De Leon will be eligible to have 12 credits from the Pontifical Gregorian University transferred to Seton Hall toward graduation. While in Rome, De Leon will also conduct on-site research to support her senior thesis project in Catholic Studies.

De Leon is double majoring in Catholic Studies and Diplomacy and International Relations, and she is minoring in Journalism and Asian Studies. She sees this unique study abroad opportunity as a way to bring many of her areas of interest together. She also recognizes the value of collaborating with students from across the nation and around the world in the pursuit of deeper understanding of the Catholic faith.

De Leon explained that her previous study abroad experience in Rome with Catholic Studies has broadened her horizons, and she is excited to take this next step of participating in this semester-long program. She said, "I am excited to study abroad in Rome at the Pontifical Gregorian University to learn about philosophy, theology, and Catholic history. Last year, I took Foundations of Christian Culture, a spring break class in Sicily and Rome with Dr. Murzaku, and I loved learning about the history of Christianity and Italian culture. I decided to major in Catholic Studies because of this class and because of my Honors classes, which sparked my passion for learning about other religions and my own: Catholicism. I look forward to using this program, the classes, and the connections I will make as an opportunity to seek answers to many questions I have about the Catholic Church."

"I am thrilled that De Leon is taking the opportunity to participate in this program," said Professor of Religion and Director of the Catholic Studies Program. "With her broad range of interests and her impressive experience in research and practice, she will bring so much to her courses and conversations in Rome."

Students who are interested in participating in the program in future semesters may contact Professor Ines Murzaku at [email protected] or 973-275-5845.

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